Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sleeping Like a Baby

I’ve often wondered where the term “sleeping like a baby” came from. In my mind, when I hear that I picture a rosy faced baby peacefully sleeping like a rock, all through the blessed night. Let me tell you, I’ve been “sleeping like a baby” for the past month and it ain’t so pretty! 

I know. How cliché? The mom of a newborn blogs about her lack of sleep. Waaaah, wah. But hear me out! I don’t have a good reference point in Cooper. He didn’t sleep through the night until he was six months old. I thought that was pretty good until Carrington did it at six weeks. 

Carrington giveth. Now Carrington taketh away.

For the past month or so she’s been getting up anywhere at least one and up to five times a night. Yes, FIVE! And 
the craziest part is that she wakes up completely happy. She coos! She laughs! She says, "AH-geeeee! AH-gooooo!"

She is particularly skilled in doing this the night before I have big projects at work. She's really clever like that.

I know not what to do with this happy child. We've read the books. We've done the things. NADA!

Last night we decided to see how long she would go.  After listening to her babble for about 20 minutes (at 3am, mind you), I turned to Kyle and asked "Are you really sleeping through this?!" He replied, "I was…"

My Mom ears just do not know how to turn off.

So if you see me walking around like a zombie, kindly point me in the direction of the coffee and remind me to brush my hair!

Sleeping beauty!


  1. Oh she. That is ROUGH. That was a mean, mean prank by her!

  2. What a cutie to stay up all night with! Hoping its just a short lived phase. I'm betting you get her back on the schedule! BTW I ordered the YHA calendar and cannot wait to see your picture in it.

  3. My kids did the same thing- totally tricked me and stopped all if a sudden! Good luck getting back on track. And zombies are cook aren't they??

    1. So many typos. I clearly slept poorly last night, too... Stinking toddler nightmares!