Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A little boy in paradise

With the exception of maybe a super hero sighting, this past weekend couldn't have gotten any better for the Cooper boy. We took him down to my father in law's house on the Texas coast where he proceeded to have the BEST. WEEKEND. EVER. We've been down many times before, but this is the first weekend he really "got it".

My father in law came in on Wednesday to cover for Kyle who was out of town on a work/golf/casino trip (uh huh, you read that right) and then he chauffeured the three of us down to the coast after Cooper got out of school on Thursday. Cooper got so excited when we got there after seeing the boats, pool and fishing gear that he couldn't even find the words to say. He was running around the house like a crazy man and kept telling me "Mommy! I'm here! I'm here! I'm here!"

Within about fifteen minutes of us arriving he asked his Papa if he could go drive the boat and, of course, his Papa dropped everything and off they went. I swear his Papa would give him the moon if he asked for it. I did get a little choked up watching them ride off together. I've watched Kyle and his Dad drive down that same canal 100 times together to go off fishing and watching my big boy in his Daddy's place was almost too much!

On Friday Kyle and my parents came down and we spent the entire weekend eating, drinking, and rotating with Cooper between the pool, fishing and driving the boat. And we had an Aggie win on top of it all, whoop! It really felt like vacation to Kyle and me between all of the home cooked meals and the three grandparents who always had open arms for our babies. I'm pretty sure they enjoyed themselves too!

Kyle, Cooper, Grandpa and Papa out fishing.

And I've lost him...

He told his Papa he didn't want to eat it. Or touch it. "Too yucky!"
Carrington just hung out and practiced her "cute" all weekend.

My Aggie babies!

We snuck away for a sunset cruise.
Papa and Carrington held down the dock.
Our guide dog on point.

 Cooper on the "diving board".

Hope you had a great Labor Day. Back to the real world (kind of). Four more weeks of maternity leave, wahhhhh!

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  1. You could have called this "Papa in paradise". It was beyond fun having Kyle, Kona, Rick, Sheri and C3 around.
    Counting the days for the next gathering.