Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Come here, big boy!

I'm a sucker for Cooper cuteness and he knows it. His latest scheme is to prolong the bedtime routine as long as possible. We give him a bath, read some books and tell him goodnight. When Kyle puts him down, this is when the bedtime routine ends. For me, he pulls out all of the stops.

Me: Goodnight bud, I love you.

Cooper: MOM! MOM! Come here! Hold my hand! Give him a five! Now bump it out! Bump it out again! Wots and wots of bump it out Mom!

Me: OK Cooper, I'm walking out now. I love you, goodnight!

C: MOM! My blanket! You has to keep him warm.

Me: [replace the blanket that was "accidentally" kicked off] I love you, goodnight!

All of these things (high five, fist bumps etc.) are very typical stall tactics. But, the other night things got a little WIERD!

C: MOM! Come here big boy!

Me: [dying laughing...silently] What?

C: Come here big boy! Let Cooper hold you!

At this point I am laughing hysterically...out loud...which does nothing but egg him on!

C: Come here big boy! Come here big boy!

I finally pulled myself together enough to tell him goodnight and walk out but this was by far the funniest thing he's ever said. We're working on the whole boy versus girl thing, but I think if he called me "Big Boy" forever I wouldn't be sad about it!

Here's one of the little stinker loving on his sister. He is finally over the "maybe if I ignore her she'll go away" stage and has started to pay some attention to her. This morning, he brought her all of his "stuff". If you know Cooper, you know this is a big deal! To be clear, the "stuff" consists of no more and no less than: Mista Snake, Mista Bear, Mista Monkey, Mista Blankey, Mista Lovey, Mista Nother Lovey, Mista Turtle and Mista Blue Turtle. You better believe these guys are part of the bedtime routine!

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