Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training

I do not want to jinx myself. Therefore, I will NOT tell you about how Cooper started potty training this week.  Instead, here is a completely fictitious story about a little boy named Booper and his adventures in potty training.

Booper's Mom and Dad had tried for some time to get him interested in using the potty. They would tell him that if he went pee pee in the potty he could have one M&M. Over time, the bribe grew to five M&M's then an entire chocolate no avail. As his third birthday rounded into the not so distant future, they were trying anything just to gain interest. Booper could care less.

Then, on Sunday evening, Booper was playing with a puzzle that had musical instruments on it. He asked his mom about the only instrument on the puzzle that he didn't have, a harmonica. She told him that if he pee peed on the potty he could have one to which Booper replied, "OK!" Booper proceeded to march to the potty, sit down and use it as if he had been doing just that all of his life.

Booper's parents were ecstatic, and totally unprepared. Where does one find a harmonica at 7:30 at night? The answer is you don't. Booper's Dad searched everywhere but couldn't find one and came home with some Planes characters instead. This appeased Booper and bought enough time until his Mom could get out the next day and find one for him.

Poor Booper. His parents spent all of their energy trying to bribe him with chocolate when all he wanted was a danged harmonica!

Now Booper is not perfect, but he is trying and is successful 80% of the time. That's all his parents could ask for! Especially after wondering if they were going to be changing his diapers until his 4th birthday!

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  1. Picture of harmonica and blanket on the potty is priceless