Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Down by the River

On the road again!  This time was a weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country with some of our dearest friends. I have to say, traveling with a newborn is way easier with the second kid. I guess that after traveling with an 18-month old last summer, any age pales in comparison!

I can't say enough good things about the weekend. We missed our friends the Russells (who are currently residing in Colombia, wahhhh) but also enjoyed having new friends Jen and James come along. Jen's Snicker brownies didn't hurt the transition either! The company was fantastic, the beer and the river were cold, we ate way too much and laughed until our sides hurt, literally. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Holy schmoley. It's a good one. Highly offensive. Highly entertaining.

Cooper was totally hooked on fishing and also making sure that nobody else caught fish except him by throwing large rocks in the water and yelling BAM! Carrington was quite content being passed around to all of her Aunties. Kyle and I even took the opportunity to venture down river by ourselves. When you have people offering to hold your baby you go with it...before they wise up!

Excuse the iPhone pics...there was no time for the big camera!
I gave Kyle the Ray Bans I'm wearing for Christmas last year and then promptly confiscated them.
They look way better on me.

It was really nice of me to trade fish with Kyle before we snapped these pics.
First fish on a fly rod at 2.5! Clearly his mother's son!

Carrington got in on the action.

The view of the living room from the second story loft. Nevermind the bodies and legos strewn about.

She always falls asleep with her hands over her face. So dramatic!
The ladies! (Me, Lyndsey, Abigail and Jen)
If you look closely you can spot the Buckeye amongst all of the Aggies!
I insisted in a family pic of us all in maroon. Um, yeah.
Papa came up to visit and took Cooper around San Antonio one of the days. It was his first night away from us not at his own house. I was nervous but he did great. I knew Papa would have been prepared with some Blue Bell ice cream in case of emergency but sounds like they were way too busy to need it! Papa is probably still sleeping it off because they did the zoo, an amusement park and out for Mexican food all in one day. I'm sure I could do that too, if you gave me a week!

Cooper and Papa enjoying the train at the San Antonio Zoo!

Third generation of Charles kids at Kiddie Park. Papa went there when he was little!

Enjoying a "virgin margarita" at dinner. That hair, those cheeks. I die.

Meanwhile, Sister has rolls for days. I'm not sure which is my favorite, the inner bicep roll or the double elbow roll. My friend Chelsea already called out her knuckle dimples. Those are pretty sweet too.


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