Thursday, February 21, 2013

With the click of a button

My name is Casey and I have an online shopping addiction.  I came to this realization today.  It happened when I was strolling into work checking emails on my walk in from the parking lot.  I stumbled across a Zulily sale and in the short time it took me to ride up 36 floors I had purchased a pair of shoes for the Cooper boy!

Rationalizing my purchase, I decided that it was neither mindless nor lazy and it was an efficient use of my time! Besides, I *probably* would have gotten them anyway, I think. And they were on sale!

I've had that internal conversation too many times not to admit that I am completely sucked in to online shopping. My $50 purchases are somehow never less than $100 and the Fed Ex guy knows my dog's name. The only store I regularly step foot in is the grocery store.  But this is normal, right?!

Side note...Tom's for little boys? How do we feel about this?
Photo Credit: Tom's Outlet

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  1. Toms for boys- yes!! I, too, shop almost exclusively online! Who has time to go into a store?! You are a busy working mom and there is no way I'm dragging two toddlers into a store...