Sunday, February 10, 2013

The big boy bed!

We started getting furniture for Cooper's big boy room shortly after Christmas, totally taking advantage of post-holiday sales and thinking we would need to get his room done...eventually.  Like April or May, eventually.  When I was ready, eventually.

Today, he asked to take a nap in "Cooper's bed", aka, the big boy bed!  What's a gal to do besides make it happen and then fall into a heaping puddle outside the door because he might as well be packing for college?!  Not that I did that, of course.

The smiling boy after his 2.5 hour nap!

Some pics of the room.  Doesn't he look tiny in this big ol' bed?!

Found these on Etsy, love!

Labrador sheets!

What Labrador room would be complete without it's own life sized version?  Here is Kona modeling.  If you think she looks worried, she is!  Like her Mama, she does NOT like change.  

Cooper boy, on the other hand, is sawing logs in the next room over!!!


  1. Ahh!! I LOVE his big boy room!! Everything you picked out is absolutely precious. Where did you get his furniture? NOT that we're there yet- I mean that's yearrrrssss away (or not) but just for one very far off day when it's time...

    1. PB Kids...real original! It's good to plan ahead! ;)

  2. His big boy room looks great, Casey! Love the labrador touch...and that picture of Kona is priceless :) Slow down, Cooper!!