Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tuck this one away for next year!

Kyle loves red velvet cake which is particularly handy for Valentine's Day because it's the right color! I usually make the dessert, he does dinner (osso bucco this year, yum!).

This year I turned to my trusty friend Paula Dean for a new recipe that I knew would be good on the first try: Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies!

I did not roll the sides in nuts as suggested, yuck! Why ruin a good dessert by adding nuts?! Also, as the cookies were cooling, I sprinkled a little sugar (2 parts) and salt (1 part) dusting over the top because salty and sweet goes well with cream cheese and red velvet, of course!  I used a ziplock bag instead of a piping bag, works great!  Voila!

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