Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mama, what the chicken say?

Last weekend we stopped into our local feed store to get veggies for Kyle's spring garden.  Yes, I said feed store. Never mind that its in the middle of Houson's main bar strip (at least what was the "spot" 3 years ago when I did such things)! This city mouse got schooled on urban farming and proper lawn maintenance by my country mouse husband and was even beginning to crack on the joys of urban poultry raising.  However, I held out...for now! You're welcome, HOA!

Cooper went around talking about all of the animals (chickens, peacocks, ducks, kittens, puppies...) and the first words out of his mouth the next morning were "Mama, what the chicken say?".

Thanks Wabash for a fun afternoon!

Some very serious father son talk going on here I'm sure!  That belly is absolutely ridiculous!

Baby ducks were a big hit!

Helping Daddy plant yesterday.  "Dada, grow it!"

More later on the backyard chickens.  I used to think it was absolutely cookoo until our neighbors in the Heights started raising them and sweetly dropping off fresh eggs on our front porch.  You can't buy eggs like that.  Period.  

I mean, we do eat a lot of eggs...

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  1. So cute! I think he needs a pair of overalls to wear for the next Feed Store visit. That will really go with the belly.