Monday, January 21, 2013

The birthday boy!

Happy Birthday to Cooper!  I can't believe my little man is 2!  

Everyone says "it goes so fast"!  I'm not so sure I totally agree with that (especially on the days with a 5am wake up call!).  I think its that life is constantly changing around you and there is not much time to enjoy each step.  Either way you put it, it's amazing how far we've come in 2 years.  Just 9 short months ago Cooper started walking and this morning he was riding his new scooter around my kitchen!

So happy birthday to my Cooper boy: lover of running "super fast", swinging, grapes, blueberries, lima beans, Mr. Potato Head, anything to do with "agua", jumping, reading books, making music, Little Einsteins, "riding" Kona, making coffee, playing chase with Daddy and doing pretty much everything else with Mommy.  (Sorry Kyle, you know he's a total Mama's boy!)  

Here's to whatever you have in store for us at the next turn.  We love you!

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