Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Little talks

Some of my most precious moments with Cooper are on our rides home from school. Today's conversation went something like this:

(As I'm buckling him into the car...)

Cooper: Mama! It's Tuesday!

Me: Yes! What did you do at school today?

C: [silence]

Me: Did you eat your lunch?

C: [silence]

Me: Did you play outside?

C: [silence]

Me: What did Cassidy do at school today? (If you don't remember, Cassidy is his girlfriend at school. See post This is love!)

C: Cassidy eat lunch. Cassidy play outside. Cassidy play cymbals. Cassidy eat goldfish. Cassidy say more goldfish! Cassidy jump super high. Cassidy has a tricycle. Cassidy drink agua. Cassidy say more agua!

This is what I get. Random facts and all of the details of Cassidy's day. At least I know how to get it out of him! Precious boy.

Other recent gems:

When asked how old he is: "I'm two! I'm three! I'm four!"

"Dada, do push-ups!  Good job Cooper!"

"Look at Cooper!  Sooooooooo tall!"

No pic to go along with this next one but after we ate dinner tonight a song came on Pandora that said "Goodbye my almost lover".  Cooper repeated "Goodbye alligator!"

I love this age.  

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  1. Cooper is now in his Terrific Two's. What a cutie.