Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Big fish and New Years Wishes

Happy New Year!

We spent a wet, cold one down at the coast!  There was still plenty of swimming in the pool (by Kona) and tons of fishing off the dock (by the boys).  My job?  I sat inside waiting and watching for my opportune Kodak moment and boy did I get one...Cooper's first fish!  

I love Kyle's ear to ear grin and Cooper's shocked look realizing what had been tugging at the end of his line!

This might be one of my favorite pics of all time.  Kyle's proud Daddy moment.  Cooper reaching out to grab the fish.  Kona doing her part to make sure we held on to it?  HA!  Didn't see that one until I uploaded these!!!

We keep asking Cooper whether he caught a big fish or a little fish and 99% of the time he says "little fish"!  He hasn't quite gotten the hang of the big fish story yet!

While we couldn't control the weather, we did have great friends and good food in our back pocket.  Everyone was ringing in big 2013s with one couple getting married in March and the other expecting their first baby in June!  

Since I celebrated with food instead of wine I am welcoming the omnipresent "Eat better, exercise more" New Year's resolution.  That one really never goes away, I just make myself feel especially guilty about it in the month of January!

I always try to pick at least one more attainable goal for the year.  Kyle says just set your expectations low and you'll achieve more!  This year: closing cabinet doors and sorting the mail.  Laugh all you want but I drive Kyle crazy with the cabinet door thing.  I don't know if it's my lack of an extra hand these days, the speed in which I have to prepare a snack or my pregnancy brain but for some reason whenever I am done with the kitchen there are about 4 doors still open.  The mail one is for me.  Much better to do every day then every week-ish...right?!

Hope you are all enjoying ringing in your New Year!


  1. Such a great picture and I'm sure Kyle will have that memory as long as I have of Kyle's first fish.

    1. Forgot to mention Cooper was the only one who caught a fish that day!

    2. Then I guess Cooper could call it the "biggest fish of the day"

  2. I feel like these pictures are the stuff of country songs and daddy's dreams the moment they see BOY on the sono are made of. And YOU got it on camera!!! How wonderful!!!

    I love Cooper's little squish face and cheeks in his hoodie. I just want to squish up those lips and give him a kiss.

    1. You are so right! I think Kyle dreamed of this moment ever since he knew Cooper was a Cooper! Kyle told me that this outfit is going to go down in the books as one of "Mom's most embarrassing"... Glad someone likes it!