Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pink or blue?

From the moment I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a girl this time.  I already have the perfect boy's boy who is a total Mama's boy, too. Why mess with perfection? Plus dance recitals and the mother-daughter bond sounded pretty appealing!

That is, until I saw the Dick's Sporting Goods commercial and balled my eyes out!

After that, how can I not want a little brother for the Cooper boy? One that idolizes him...and pouts at his games when he doesn't win...and gets his hand-me-down glove???

Funny how a commercial can change a pregnant woman's attitude but I've officially gone from "Team Pink" to on the fence! (All prefaced by healthy baby first, of course!)

Stay tuned, baby #2 gender TBD beginning of February!


  1. Yep. Totally teared up. Brothers are SO sweet!!!

    At first I definitely thought girl for you. But if you follow the IKPi trend then you'll have two boys. Hmm.. I'm not sure! But I'm dying to find out.