Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pablo Cooper

a.k.a. Picasso, no?

It takes every ounce of my "type A" body not to help him out and just let him PLAY! My dear friend Chelsea is a little twitchy right now looking at this picture, I'm sure! I'm not so much of a neat freak but oh how I love order and routine! And just when I think my little Pablo Picasso is helping me channel my inner-spontaneity, I watch him do something like spy a coaster that is on my nightstand and watch him march it back to where it was clearly supposed to be in the living room! Ah, my boy!

And then comes this...

2 year old abstract art!


  1. I love it!! You've got yourself a money maker! Enjoy that train!

  2. His Papa thinks that is a beautiful snowman.