Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rosemary Beach 2014

Ahhhh, vacation. We had such a fun time at Rosemary Beach last year (see post here) that we decided to quadruple the crowd this year. Not only did we have sweet Carrington in tow but we also had three other families join us.

With the four families combined, we had 15 people including 7 children under 5 in one house. It was as crazy, loud and fun as it sounds. And, I am happy to report that despite the few minor emergency room visits that everyone survived and is talking about doing it again next year. Huge success in my book!

Kyle and Cooper drove with another Dad and kid so that we could have a car in case of emergency. Turned out we used the car most of all on our daily trek to the grocery store. Feeding 15 is serious business! Princess Carrington and I were lucky enough to fly with the rest of the group. Travel was a breeze for all of us and we'll definitely be driving next year. I just wasn't brave enough to take a 10 month old who just learned how to crawl and in a rear facing seat on a 10 hour drive. Thank you Southwest Airlines summer flight specials!

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Babies on the way to the airport.

The first day on the beach was a little chilly but the babes had a blast nonetheless. Cooper wanted nothing to do with the pool, just like last year. He was content to stand at the water's edge for hours and "jump the waves". Good workout for all!

Beach baby belly!
Posing with Mom's Dos XX. Only 20 years until its yours little one!
By the end of the week, the water really cleared up and beach time looked more like this:

Cooper heaven.

I have very few pictures of him not in motion!

A breezy afternoon.
Beach hair!
My girl.
The favorite game of the trip, chase the waves!

Gun show.
Mealtime was something for the record books. The mess that was under the table could have fed a family of four! 

Look like a lot of kids/food/sippy cups? Look again. There are two missing!
Lucky for me, there was an extra little mommy to help out!
Sister's two vampire fangs really came in on the trip. Still waiting for the middle four. Ummm...

The "vamps".
Don't worry, Cooper's "planet light" made the trip. It's his newest treasure given to him by our sweet across the street neighbors. He even had it plugged into the car on the drive. You know, just in case he wanted to see Saturn. Crazy kid!

The "pwanet wight".

One night we hit up an outdoor concert. I think we were there for all of two songs but there was ice cream and beer aplenty. Happy crew!

Mommy / Daddy selfie. We need some practice!

Pure happiness on this boy's face.
Sleepy girl.
The worst part of the trip was definitely having to come home. And because I clearly needed help snapping back to reality, I had the trusty TSA to help me out. Thanks TSA, it's a scooter.


  1. Catching up on your last two posts… Cooper has grown up so much!! Love his little first and last day outfits (if his clothes ever need a pass down place I've got two boys who would gladly take them ;D ) Rosemary Beach sounds like a blast!! Seriously, such fun memories!! Love your cover up- you look GREAT and Kyle too- woah- BUT! the thing that was super crazy in this post-- the mommy/daddy selfie- omg you look IDENTICAL to Shari Brown. I literally gasped when I saw it. IDENTICAL!!!!!!

  2. And it is fantastic that Carrington got her fangs first. So, so funny! That is all.