Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Grumpus in the Wumpus

Have you ever wondered who steals socks from the dryer leaving you with less than a perfect pair? What about who leaves you only one square of toilet paper when you desperately need it most? Do you know who leaves the shower light on every single day? Kyle might think these are all things I have done but let me assure you that Cooper has taught me otherwise!

Introducing: The Grumpus in the Wumpus

According to Cooper he is a "tiny, tiny little man" that lives in our house and does all sorts of bad things. Good thing Cooper is in the know about this guy, otherwise he himself might get blamed for a whole lot of wrongdoings!

I often see traces of him like tracks from the water gun that was shot in the house and wrappers from candy that he must have taken out of the cabinet but I can never seem to catch him myself. Tricky little sucker.

One time the Grumpus in the Wumpus even had the nerve to pull the step stool up to the sink and spray water all over the kitchen! Cooper sent him to time-out for that one. (Nice touch, buddy.)

So, if you are ever searching for your missing keys or wonder who left a cup of milk in your car to sour please know that the Grumpus in the Wumpus was responsible. For everything. Future and past. Forever.

Cooper just thought you should know just in case he ever visits your home!

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  1. So cute! Knew you would enjoy your time at home with Grumpus and the kids.