Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The New Gig

Hi. I'm back…reporting in from the other side. I'm two days in to my new stay-at-home-mom gig and things are pretty rosy!

I reported to my boss' office this morning at 6:15am. He gave me a smile that let me know he was happy to see me. I opened his blinds and watched as he stretched and scrambled out of the room, ready to take on the day.

"MOM! Wet's go watch Paw Patrol! Sit with me! Can I have some nuk (milk)? What are we going to do today?"

My other boss arrived around 6:45am with a sleepy little look on her face.  The three of us sat down to breakfast together and wished their other boss, my co-worker, a nice day at the office.

"Bye Daddy! Have a good day today!"

We are settling into our new routine and I'm even  figuring out how to squeeze a little laundry in between scooter races and play-doh. Priorities, people! Both kids are napping right now so I must be doing something right!

I'm sure there will be days I'm wishing to go into the office, but for now I'm appreciating the little things that are awesome about my new gig. Here are a few I've noted so far.

  1. I went to the grocery store…ON A MONDAY! Did you know that there is no one at the grocery store on a Monday?! I had both kids and was in and out in 25 minutes instead of my usual hour. I parked at the front and got almost everything on my list, which leads me too…
  2. If you forget something at the store, no worries…YOU CAN GO BACK! I'm so used to shopping for the week (during naptime, only on Sundays) that when I got home with no blueberries I was seriously bummed. That used to mean popping over to Whole Foods on my lunch and stashing food in our teeny office refrigerator or waiting until after kids went to bed for a 9pm run, ugh. But today, I just went to the store with Sister after I dropped Cooper at school. Much better!
  3. Workout clothes are acceptable daytime attire! (At least I think they are…) Thank you to the Mom who brought that in style. And yes, they are actually getting used. I'm pretty sure pushing kids in a double BOB is like 18x the work.
  4. I played pretend snowboarding for 30 minutes on a Monday morning! Damn you Paw Patrol for turning my kid on to snowboarding over skiing, but it was still cute and fun.
  5. Kid food is delicious. I'm sure this will be a blow to the waistline (or maybe we'll just call it even with the double BOB-ing), but I have to admit that I do like the sandwich crusts and spare mac n' cheese. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Someone remind me of these on my next whiny/rainy/teething/"my bunny snack wrapper opened down the middle not the side" kind of day!


  1. Hahaha this made me laugh. Glad y'all are getting settled! Let's definitely meet up soon- I'll text ya :)

  2. Love it--esp the sandwich crusts. See you soon! another perk!

  3. You are such a positive mom! It is good to find the "good ' in everything!