Thursday, May 22, 2014

All this because he loves me?

From the minute we step foot on school campus, Cooper is always scheming ways to get home. Exhibit A: his Mother's Day card to me:

My mom is special because…she takes me to my house! Of all the things!

Back when Cooper was teensy and hated school a lot more than he does today, I read a lot of books and blogs about separation anxiety. The silver lining, which I'm sure all desperate parents like myself cling to, is that separation anxiety is a sign that kids have formed a strong bond with their parents. I told myself this in the dark days. "Yes, I am such a good mom that my son wants to hurl every time I leave him." Consolation prize?

Today was the last day of school for Cooper, and our last day at the school Cooper has been going to since he was 19 months old. SADNESS! Not only will I miss his sweet little school but it's the end of an era and one more sign that my baby is no longer a baby anymore. I was looking back at my post from the beginning of the school year (here) this morning. I can't believe how tiny he was at the beginning of the year and how HUGE he looks now!

August 2013
May 2014

August 2013
May 2014

One thing that hasn't changed is the waterworks when I leave. Yes, this sweet little face crumples and turns red at the start of our goodbye routine. Every. Single. Time. 

He thinks its hilarious to stand too close to the camera. At least I get a smile. Sigh.
Showing off his artwork!
Maybe next year my sweet boy will work on making me feel like less of an a-hole every time I leave him! In the two years he has been at school, he has never been allowed to go home because of his antics but that never stops him from trying. One thing is for sure, he is persistent! He must REALLY love me!

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  1. A confession... When I first saw your card I thought Cooper got a C for a grade. For a moment I was going to call for a Papa teacher conference at his school.
    Also, I know. he. Really. Loves. His Mom