Thursday, October 3, 2013

Never go to bed angry, OR...

Never go to bed angry. Or do, and wake up the next morning only to realize what a [bleep] you were being, apologize and make nice. I'm not sure who this sweet little saying works for, but sometimes I feel like you need the night to stew on things and wake up in a better state of mind. Especially when you're working and trying to parent two kids, one of which still gets up at night. (At least she's really cute!) Anybody with me on this?

A little backstory on how this train of thought came about...

This is a first world problem, for sure, but did you hear about the fluke with United a couple of weeks ago where all of the flights were listed online for $5? Yes, $5. Well, Kyle did and was able to snag tickets for us for NY around Christmas and also tickets to Denver in a few weeks. It all happened so fast he didn't even have a chance to call me before buying tickets. The NY trip is perfect. The Denver trip not so much.

First, the trip would require me to take 2 days off of work, 3 weeks after I return from leave and this is a really busy time of year. Eek. Second, I do not have enough milk stock piled for Carrington which means she'd be coming with us. What does one do in Denver, in the cold, with a 3 month old? 

See? First world problem for sure.

Anywho...Kyle really wants to go and brought up that if I didn't go, he would just go without me with one of his buddies. The weekend after he's gone for a Bachelor party. Yeah. Needless to say, at 10pm last night we were both tired and grumpy and neither his idea nor my responses went over too well! I won't bore you with the details, mainly because I woke up this morning embarrassed I took it to "that" level. "Why don't you just go to Denver and stay there!" REALLY, CASEY?!

In about 2.5 seconds this morning we were able to resolve that while it was bad timing, he would go but only if it's great weather. Wish we would have just given up and slept on it sooner! 

Moral of the story is that I'm throwing out the idea of not going to bed angry and sticking with: Everything is clearer in the light of day. Sleep on it, dummy!

I really don't know how I ever get mad at this face...

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  1. Ha!! Love your comment to KC. Sometimes those things have to be said. (Even if it's only to be taken back the next morning.)