Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pumpkin Patch! (You knew this was coming...)

Just as spring brings you pictures of babies in bluebonnets, it is now time for the obligatory post of kids in a pumpkin patch. And on a blanket in my front yard. Because I couldn't get a good one of them together without a lollipop bribe. Two year olds!

We went to our local plant nursery on Saturday to pick up some pumpkins and let Cooper do the kid activities they had planned for the first Saturday in October. Since the boy likes neither face painting nor popcorn, we headed over to the pumpkin decorating table. It was a free for all with tons of kids, tons of markers and the coolest thing ever for little kids, glue!  The affinity for glue is not shared by many Moms. I spent my time sticking things to the glue he was putting EVERYWHERE and tried to keep him off of everyone else's pumpkins. He "decorated" two pumpkins (i guess one for sister, oops!) in a matter of minutes and announced it was time to go. I was not so sad that our morning activity ended so abruptly!

Some pics from the day!

Sister was a good sport! 

Not having it. Not one part of it!

His concentration face!

Much happier at home!

"Lollipop? OK!"

Bribes work.

Sweet rewards!

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  1. Great pictures, especially the one of Carrington being a good sport. How comfortable can you get laying on a bunch of pumpkins?