Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some Firsts

Me first! Me first!

I know, kid stuff is way more fun but they always get to go first! Drumroll, please... For the first time in a year, I am wearing my shirt tucked in. With a belt. Holler! It's the little things.

Carrington is sleeping through the night pretty consistently now. Except for last night, just to spite me, because I decided it was time to finally say it out loud and write it in a post. She also rolled over for the first time (about a month ago)! This is the first time I've remembered to put it in a blog! Poor second-born.

Cooper memorized his first non-nursery song. Fittingly, it is the Aggie War Hymn, whoop! Please excuse the nose picking, my singing and the light show that happens towards the end of the clip!

Kyle shot his first under-80 score at golf. I'm really not sure if "under-80 score at golf" the correct term but he's not around to consult. He shot a 78. Maybe now he won't have to "practice" so much anymore! One can wish...

Happy almost weekend!

Here's a funny video about cat jerks who steal dog beds for those of you who missed out on the hilarity. This could have been shot at our house!

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