Sunday, March 17, 2013

What's in a name?

I am currently plagued by the name game! 

First, a little background... Kyle and I are inspired by the Jewish tradition of naming babies after loved ones. It is a way to honor relatives and to keep the memory alive of those who are deceased. While I am certainly not a Jewish naming expert, let me tell you how this has loosely been applied to my family. 

It is not appropriate to use the full name of a living relative so sometimes the first initial is used to honor a still living relative. For example, my Mom is Shari after her great-grandmother, Sarah. I came very close to being a Katie after my great-grandmother, Kate.  However, after her insistence that I have my own name, I was named Casey. Cooper's middle name is Harrison after Kyle's grandfather, Herbert.

We are about 90% zeroed in on a first name for the new little nugget, but are still thrown on the middle name! We would like her middle name to start with an "S" to honor my Mom but that's as far as we've gotten. There are the very trendy Sophie and Sophia, the recently dog-popular Sadie, or a good ol' screen door slammer like Sue.

If you have any "S" suggestions send them my way!


  1. Middle names are so tough! I googled S names the other day because Anthony and I were dreaming of another little girl (one day!) and what her name would be... There are some funky names out there! Have you read the blog ? I love that blog!!

    1. I haven't seen that blog! Maybe I should write in!