Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In full bloom

Spring has sprung and the boy activities are in full effect in my backyard!


The trampoline!

More baseball and the ever popular game of "Mommy get it!"

And then there are the aphids.  Oh, the aphids...Kyle's current fixation happens to be munching away on all of the little key limes he has worked so hard to grow! Not to worry, enter the organic gardener and his army of ladybugs!  Hopefully these little suckers are hungry because Mama is going to be READY for a key lime margarita by the time August rolls around!

Poor ladybugs.  He calls this move "death by squeeze-ation"...the surest way to a ladybug fatality!

Meanwhile, Kyle's driveway herb garden is in full bloom...

...And so am I!  A little over 3 months to go!

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