Thursday, February 19, 2015


Cooper has never loved me coming up to his school. Every time I get there, he insists it's time to leave. We made it through all of 5 minutes of the Halloween party I volunteered to host last fall. When I brought donut holes up to his friends on his birthday, he ran and hid in the corner and then led me by the hand out the door. I alway assumed it was because it wasn't part of his beloved routine. Now, I know better...

Last week I volunteered for Cooper's school Valentine's party. I was tasked with reading the book at story time, among other things. Cooper carefully instructed me on my technique the night before.

C: "Mom, when you're reading the book you have to smile at the friends or they won't like you."

Mmmmkay, got it.

The next day everything seemed ok when I got to his school. I started to read the book to "the friends", remembering to look up every so often to smile. By the time I got to the second page, I realized I was doing something terribly wrong. Cooper was sitting in the circle, literally smacking himself in the head and saying "UGHHHHHHHHHHHH", really loudly. As I read, he continued to do this until his sweet friend leaned over and asked him what was wrong. He replied: "UGHHH, my Mom!" followed by the most dramatic forehead slap you've ever seen.

Yeah, didn't see that one coming. I asked him after the party how I did reading the book.

C: Bad.

Me: Why was it bad?

C: You didn't smile at the friends and you were EM-BARR-ASS-ING me.

Me: What does it mean when you say Mommy is embarrassing you?

C: It means that everything is kind of ruined.

Noted. Although I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry!


  1. BEST. POST. EVER. I'm sitting here getting my hair highlighted laughing so hard people are staring. Best evvvvver! You keep on embarrassing that boy C! Do it like a BOSS! It's part of our job- kind of ruining everything! Muahahaha

    1. Ruined I tell you! These boys are going to send us to the nut house but at least we'll have good stories!!!

  2. hahahahah!!!! can't. stop. laughing. I hope you're laughing too. Don't cry sweet momma!! That is SO funny. I love reading your blog and keeping up with you and your cute kids. I'm actually reading it on my computer for once so I can comment and tell you I love you!

  3. At least he didn't embarrass you? I feel like I always embarrassed my mom when she was at school. #silverlining :)