Monday, November 10, 2014

What's in My Bag? (Toddler Edition)

Have you seen the spread in US Weekly "What's in My Bag"? I read those articles with both a sense of awe ("What a good idea to keep that in your purse!") and fear ("Please God let nobody do this to my purse!") Carrington, on the other hand, was an unknowing yet I'm sure willing participant!

Not only has Carrington carried a purse ever since she could walk, she is also a "stasher". I find things she has hidden in all sorts of strange places.

Exhibit A: Binky in kitchen cabinet.

Exhibit B: Boot in bathroom cabinet.

Exhibit C: Herself (and Daddy's Gold Bold) in the bathroom cabinet!

Well for her, naturally, the purse carrying and the stashing go hand in hand. I'm always tickled as to what she loads up in there. Surprisingly, its mostly practical…a girl after my own heart!

So without further ado, I wanted to share the "What's in My Bag? Toddler Edition)":

  • Three different sets of keys: Someone's got to be able to open up that villa in Aspen!
  • Tea bags, in two different flavors: Because, you know, variety is the spice of life!
  • Debit Card: Soon enough she'll be swiping Kyle's.
  • Binky aka "Bop Bop": Just in case Mom forgets…AGAIN!
  • Toothbrush: "I had all of those strawberry seeds. And you shouldn't neglect your [8 teeth]." sic
  • Kyle's Chapstick: With the tip bit off!
  • A card that goes to one of Cooper's games: Just because its fun to mess with him.
  • MY LIP GLOSS!: The first time of many, I'm sure.
  • "Open the Barn Door" board book: Because her brother's activities are bor-ing!
I do find it interesting that she has stolen and stashed something from each family member. If I ever lose my keys I'll know where to look!

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  1. I've always said one can win a scavenger hunt in my purse. Hers, too! Cute blog.