Monday, September 29, 2014

My [Current] Favorite Things!

Do you ever notice that when you come home from a girls' trip you end up with a list of about 15 things that you just HAVE TO HAVE?! All of my gal pals and I are always gabbing about what we are using and loving. I also love reading my blogger friend's posts on their favorite things…it's like a secret peek into their closet/pantry/purse, and isn't that what the internet is all about?!?

Recently I've had a couple of friends suggest that I put together a favorite things post. So here you have it, a few of my current favorite things!

First up, things for the ladies…because everyone else gets to go first all day long (at least at my house)!

  1. Two Faced: The Secret to No Makeup Makeup - I actually scored this one from my friend Chelsea's favorite things blog post. Unoriginal or not, this is a must have. It's the perfect that glowy "I'm not wearing makeup (wink, wink)" look and its all in one simple palette! It even comes with a card to show you where to put the concealer, brightener, luminizer, blush (2) and bronzer. It is quick, easy and pretty. All you need is a little mascara…
  2. 3D Fiber Lashes - Speaking of mascara… Y'all. Never would I ever would I EVER have thought in a million years that I would get into direct makeup sales. Roll out the pink Cadillac, right? All kidding aside, there is nothing else out there that compares to these lashes. It's like fake lashes in a tube for $29 and just a few minutes. And, it's natural ingredients like beeswax and green tea fibers…you know my little hippie heart likes that!
    Here it is kicking my favorite Dior Blackout' butt!
  3. All In One Bag - Sleek enough to carry out as a clutch, compact enough to throw into your diaper bag to keep your stuff separate from the attack of the gummy bears and 4 day old goldfish! Pretty versatility goes a long way in the mom game!
  4. Lifeproof iPhone Case - OK, not the most attractive iPhone case but it has definitely gotten less bulky since the first model. Carrington thew my phone in a pool this summer so I was definitely glad to this. No need for phone insurance with this guy!
And for the kiddos…
  1. Bento Box (and here) - For whatever reason, food that goes in bento boxes gets eaten. I know this are on the expensive side, but they completely cut out the need for plastic baggies and can be used like a lunch box in themselves! We used to use the Dr. Sears Nibbler tray but I'm not seeing it on Amazon anymore. Cooper outgrew that one but its the perfect size for Carrington now!
  2. Sound Machine - Again, on the expensive side but well worth it. Plus, it's on sale on Amazon right now. My kids are light sleepers and this sound machine is the only one that actually moves air instead of just playing noise on repeat. We can have a college football watching party in the living room and not hear a peep from the kiddos. It's the price of a night of babysitting so that's how I rationalize the purchase…and the party!
  3. Rain Boots - After my tadpole post, I had a few friends ask where I got Cooper's light up rain boots. (Nordstrom) These were an awesome purchase and the first shoe Cooper has been able to put on all by himself. This is great except when we are trying to actually look nice or put together, but we've come a long way from the days when he would only wear Tom's!
Also, thank you to Aunt Phyllis who sent Cooper the Superman Animated Series…much more appropriate than Inappropriate Superman and a quick climb onto our favorites list!

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