Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inappropriate Superman

When the movie Frozen came out, I purchased it but didn't let Cooper watch it until he and Kyle made their trek to Rosemary Beach for vacation in May. I saw what a big deal it was and thought it would be a nice little trip treat for the boys. A new movie for Cooper and a big time distraction for the 10 hour drive for Kyle. Win, win?

Well, that little plan of mine backfired just a wee bit. It was great for the road trip but it did not end there. Frozen turned my three year old into a walking, talking Elsa. I know there was many a kid out there that loved Frozen but I have to think Cooper was in a category above and beyond.

The kid was obsessed. OBSESSED. Every waking moment of the day he was either singing "Let it Go", running around in his Elsa cape, begging and pleading for a "long beautiful dress", asking me to put his hair in a ponytail. He gave up his bedtime books for Frozen stories and would only answer to Elsa. IT. WAS. INTENSE.

This went on for months around our house. MONTHS! When we were both at our wit's end (I mean, how many hours a day can you play Frozen?!), Kyle decided to try to reverse the obsession by getting him hooked on Superman. Because, what's the opposite of Elsa? Clearly, Superman. OK, I bought it. I was desperate! So Kyle went out on iTunes to download a new Superman movie for him.

Enter: Inappropriate Superman

Have any of you out there seen "Superman: Unbound"? This is the movie my sweet husband picked out for our 3 year old. Kyle was with him for the initial viewing and he couldn't stop talking to me about how hot Lois Lane was. The ogling was my first clue to the inappropriateness. May I present Exhibit A:

Um, yeah. Hi Lois. Nice to see your boobs you.

My second clue was when Cooper came to me and asked "Mom, what's it called when the bad guy puts tubes into your head and squeezes until the blood comes out? Also, what's blood?"

OMG. Parental failure.

I went to look at the computer and found out that the movie Kyle picked to cure our Elsa obsession was rated PG-13. "But it was in the Family section of iTunes!!!", he said. "Don't blame me! They shouldn't make cartoons that aren't meant for kids!", he pleaded. 

I'm pretty sure this is not going to go over too well at Cooper's new school. Double rods? Really Lois, is that necessary?

To the trash, Inappropriate Superman! But, for what it's worth, we did cure the Elsa addiction!

Superman in [couch jumping] action!

In search of a more suitable Superman movie…any suggestions are welcome!


  1. Laughing so hard!!!! Parenting fail there, KC!!! I would say Logan's frozen obsession is about a step below coopers but it's still bad. Has he seen Monsters University? It's free on Fios and it is the only suitable option to Frozen for Logan.

    1. Yes! Have that one. He likes but not nearly in the realm of Elsa / Inappopriate Superman!

  2. OMG! Hysterical! You know the $5 DVD section at target? We got superman, Spider-Man, and batman DVDs from there. I'd guess they are a pg rating (I think due to the word stupid, maybe?). I love this so much!

    1. I knew YOU would know! ;) will take a look on out next run!