Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cooperisms, Fourth Edition

It's been a long time since I've updated you on the current Cooperisms. So for fun (and documentation), here are the things that have us rolling as of lateHere are my previous Cooperism posts if you're just catching up! (Man Meat and other Cooperisms, More Cooperisms and Cooperisms, Third Edition)

  • "Grandpa! Hush!" - I told you before that every time Cooper hears someone over the loud speaker (at a grocery store, for example) he thinks its my Mom and talks back to her. Now he has suddenly distinguished male and female voices. We were at the grocery store the other day when a man's voice came over the loud speaker: "Clean-up on aisle 2", to which Cooper replied: "GRANDPA! HUSH!" That turkey.
  • "We Didn't Start the Fire" - This Billy Joel classic is hands down Cooper's all time favorite song. He requests it in the car, on my phone, over the TV and always ON REPEAT! While I appreciate that his taste in music definitely strays from your typical kid bop, I'm wondering if I should be concerned that my three year old is yelling out: "Birth control! Ho Chi Minh!"? 
  • "I've got a package. I've got a package in my pants." - This one really threw us for a loop. Apparently, in Cooper language, package and tag are of similar meaning. Yowza.
  • "I'm angry." - Cooper tells us all the time that he is "angry" or "mean" or "mad". We always ask him why and every time his response is a long, drawn out: "BECAUSE. I. AM." OK, we are getting there on expressing those feelings, ha!
  • "I love you all the time." - Cooper rarely just tells me that he loves me. It's usually "Mommy, I love you all the time." I'm pretty sure he got it from this book, but I'm going to go ahead and highly recommend it to all of you parents out there because it's the biggest ego boost…original thought or not!
  • "Man, I really messed up this time." - The other day I laid down the law about yelling in the house. After reprimanding him for this offense and making him apologize to me he turned around, dramatically slapped his forehead and said, "Man, I really messed up this time." I died.
  • Who's the boss?! - I am CONSTANTLY reminding Cooper that I am the Mom and I don't need his help parenting Carrington. He is all over her for her missteps (real or imagined). In fact, if he catches her playing with a toy of his, she is usually handing it back to him before he can march his little bossy tush across the room to retrieve it. Hmmm, maybe I should take note!
  • "We can't do things we can't control." - If you know my cautious, Type A first-born you'll know exactly why this is so fitting. He tells me this when he's scared to try something new. This is sooooo Cooper, but when did he start talking like an adult?
  • "Dad! You've got a mosquito on your arm!" - This statement is always followed but a big SLAP (of the imaginary mosquito)! He thinks he's so clever and I love his budding little sense of humor. It's too funny to call him out over, especially since Kyle is almost always on the receiving end of that one. BOYS!

This kid.

And, just for fun, here are all of the pictures that I had to take to capture this winning grin. (He only smiles for selflies!)

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  1. Ha! I love these! Though the package in my pants comment is probably the best one yet!!