Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day Date

(When the sitter stays, the parents will play!)

Kyle and I had the whole day to ourselves this past Monday.  Cooper's sitter was here and we were both off of work, free as birds!  What did we do?  It wasn't anything fancy. We just bopped around town making plans as we went.  Funny how appealing that is now. This is how we used to spend EVERY. SINGLE. SATURDAY. before the Cooper boy!  I have to say, it was the best date we've had in a long time!

We went to breakfast at Adair Kitchen.  Hope all my Houston people make it there or have done so already.  We were in need of a spot like this on the West side of town!  My Chorizo Toast was ridiculously good and totally trumped Kyle's balsamic eggs, which were good too...but I won!  I guess I was trying to make up for the previous time we were there and he got chicken and waffles to my steel cut oatmeal...womp, womp.

We spent the rest of the day shopping, lunching and out at the movies.  Here's Kyle at Pottery Barn.  He was not impressed with their winter collection!

We finished up the day at the movies seeing Argo.  Have you seen it yet?  Really great.  REALLY intense.

The Day Date was a great kickoff to the holiday week.  On to family, feasts and football!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

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