Sunday, November 25, 2012

A trip to the Zoo!

As we were all stuffed with too much turkey, we decided to skip Black Friday madness and waddle our way over to the Houston Zoo!  Cooper had not been since he was just over a year old, such a difference!  Not only did he love the animals, he wore himself out RUNNING the entire park.

Cooper's favorite exhibit was the reptile house.  This is where I hold my breath and try to be a good "Boy Mom".  He kept telling me "Mama, open it!  Cooper touch it!"  If he had his way, he'd be right in there with them!

My parents were in town too so Mamacita and Grandpa were MUCH NEEDED extra hands (and feet) for chasing.  Uncle "Nat" (= Matt) treated us all and was the designated animal sound maker.  He does an excellent elephant...ask him about it! 

It's Sunday night and I totally have a case of the "go back to work" blues.  I enjoyed an entire week off of work with the little man.  I would suggest not talking to me before 9am tomorrow when I have processed my first cup of coffee and sorted through my hundreds of emails!  

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  1. Cute pics, Lady! Post holiday, return to normal life blues are no fun. Good luck tomorrow...:)