Monday, September 3, 2012

Always something there to remind me

Paci in your purse?  Cheerios underneath your car seat?  Fingertip marks in your favorite lipstick tube? Yo Gaba Gaba episodes clogging up your iPad?

I remember the first time I went to pay for a work lunch and a diaper came flying out of my purse along with my wallet.  There are always seem to be [not so] subtle reminders of the Mom life outside of your "life" life.

Case in point...Tonight I decided to unwind (teething monster is back) with a glass of wine and a bubble bath.  I had settled in, wine in hand, candles lit, favorite playlist in the background when I surveyed the scene and realized...what would my relaxing bath be without my yellow plastic watering can?!  I mean, how could I possibly unwind without it!

Ahh, Mommyland.

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