Tuesday, January 6, 2015

On Being Carrington's Mom

Cooper's Mom doesn't know exactly what to do with this smiley, friendly, social butterfly of a second child. That sounds really bad for Cooper (ha!) so let me explain. It's not that he's a total curmudgeon, he just really makes you work for it and is not really into making friends for the sake of making friends. Maybe that still sounds bad too but that's just him!

Carrington, on the other hand, approaches total strangers with ease and will not leave them alone until she can get a smile out of them. There is no breezing through the grocery store with her. I have to stop every aisle or two to chat with the person she is smiling at / waving to / blowing kisses to / trying to share her snack with…

The stinky chick fresh from her work-out or the homeless guy asking for change outside will not be spared! Little Sister does not discriminate. She knows the true meaning of the holidays.

But this face though, how can you resist?

I swear she's trying to get herself adopted!

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