Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Dancing Jacket

Do your kids ever wake you up because they’re having a nightmare? 

About once a week Cooper will wake us up because he’s having a bad dream. Most are pretty normal: monsters, being chased or someone taking his food away. Side note, will someone please tell me why we introduce the concept of monsters to our kids?! As if preschool and broccoli weren’t scary enough! Seriously. 


You know how you hear about moms being able to decipher their babies’ different cries? Well, Cooper’s nightmares have a cry all of their own. They’re not quite horror flick worthy but they’ll definitely get you out of bed in a hurry! 

Recently, we woke up to “MOM! DAD! (Sobbing.) It’s the dancing jacket! It waves its arms around like wooooo wooooo!” as he frantically flailed his arms. 

Now, it’s very confusing time after you’ve effectively been sprung from your bed and bolted down the hallway in about 0.5 seconds so at first you just go with it and try to quell the fear. “Mommy would NEVER let a dancing jacket get you! Dancing jackets are nice! I love dancing jackets!” 

It wasn’t until the next morning when I spied the culprit:

The green jacket that was so effortlessly flung atop the art easel has become the subject of many a nightmare. Of all things! 

And, since the dancing jacket has become a part of our lives, we’ve been able to capture little gems like this:

 Thank God for the things that make things funny after the fact!


  1. So much more goes on in those little heads than we realize.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I feel so bad laughing but that is hysterical! That picture of the green jacket just did me in! Sweet sweet boy!!