Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Second Kid Probs

My friend Chelsea and I are constantly going back and forth on what we call #secondkidprobs. Mainly, these are things that we do with our second kids that would make our first kid selves cringe.

I started to make a list of my #secondkidprobs and wish I could go back in time to and show my one-kid self this list, just for grins. But, then again, I would probably not be grinning for too long…let’s just say that baby Cooper’s mom would not approve!

So here’s my list. I hope all of you 2nd and 3rd time Mommies can relate and I hope that all of your first time Mommies don’t judge me (too hard)!

  •  I made 100% of my firstborn’s baby food. I made maybe 5% of my second’s. In fact, I’m pushing her to solid food as fast as I can so I can just make the same meal for both of them. At nine months, she’s pretty dang close. She may or may not have had a bite of her brother’s hamburger patty the other day.
  • On that note…I let my second kid eat a Cheeto at 9 months. To be fair, it was a “natural Cheeto”, whatever that means, so I should get some credit for that. Also to be fair, it was me that was eating said cheeto, she simply plucked it from my hand. I didn’t stop her. I also didn’t stop her from having another!
  •  I let my second kid get in our bed. I NEVER let my first in bed with us. EVER. PERIOD. Now, Sister gets in bed with us every morning! She wakes up usually between 5:30 and 6am. I figured out that if I lay her right next to me after I feed her that she will drift back to sleep for another hour. I quickly traded my fear of having a 10 year old in my bed for that extra bit of sleep. Praying I’m not short-sighted on this!
  • There are about 50 pictures of my first around my house. There is one (1!!!) picture of my second. I have pictures of her, I just can’t seem to ever find time to hang/frame!
  • Bedtime is more of an ideal than a rule. As a baby, my first never saw the light of day past 7:15pm ON. THE. DOT. We avoided going to parties and dinners that would keep him out past his bedtime. While most nights with Sister are the same, she definitely gets toted around way more. As long as she’s still smiling, right?!
  • If I have to leave the room, I make sure the dog is in there with her. You know, to alert me to any problems and also to provide entertainment! Genius right here. I used to drag my first to the bathroom with me. Never again, if I can help it!
  • Sometimes baths consist of a good ol' wipe down with a baby wipe. Big brother definitely was in the tub every night but, if wipes are good enough for the tush they're good enough for the body, right?!

What other #secondkidprobs are out there? Would love to hear from you!

My smiley second kid!
If you missed the video on Instagram this week, here's the full version of Sister laughing at Cooper. That's the other thing about second kids…they think everything their siblings do is hilarious!


  1. Ha! This is greatness! I could add so many! One of the biggest blessings to me was having older sisters with more than one kid. I could see first hand how you let a lot more stuff go the second and third time around. Still, I am totally guilty as charged and laugh at some of the things I thought were so important with Jay. I can't even imagine what the heck poor MJ will be allowed to do!

  2. This is great!! For us, the second kid problem has mainly been sickness that brother brings home - yuck! Also I also dont even bother to put her back in her room after 4 am wakeup because I NEED that extra hour or two of sleep, so right to our bed she goes. Nursing for the win! Oh one last thing - Sari is already fascinated with the TV - oops!