Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Callback

Cooper is always looking for ways to stall bedtime. Lately it's been something we affectionately call "the callback". He waits about 5 minutes after we leave his room he starts up with "Mom! Dad!I need you! Come heeeeeeeere!" Well, as it turns out, I'm a sucker and always take the bait. At first it was out of concern and then it was because I couldn't wait to hear what he would come up with next. 

Here are some of the best from his lineup:

Me: What do you need, Cooper?

"I see sumptin. ... It's my pillow!"
"I can't find my foot! It's hiding under the covers!"
"I turned my flashlight on.  It's brighting my eyes!"
"I got a booger."
"I'm stuck!" (Most of the time he wasn't but one time he did get stuck trying to slide past the bed rail!)
"I want some ice cream. Please?"
"I'm crying wike sister. You make me happy?"

Daddy has since put the kibosh on our prolonged bedtime routine. Fun sponge. But not before I could capture these little gems!

Sleep Update! Sister is consistently making it to almost 6am now. We paid our dues with 3 crappy cry-it-out nights and the payback has been more sleep for all! More. Glorious. Sleep. Thanks for talking me through it!


  1. Cracking up at these!! Every single one is hilarious and very clever I might add! Man… NOT looking forward to sleep training, I'll tell you that much… it's like I had almost blocked it out of my mind or something or maybe it's just selective memory and I was pretending that wasn't really a thing I would eventually have to face again.

  2. Clever boy! But smarter parents!! :) Glad everyone is getting more sleep in the Charles household!